Medical Strategies was formed by physicians to provide their colleagues strategies to make better use of their office staff; even to the point of minimizing the number of personnel while outsourcing other personnel: from scheduling to billing to insurance verifications. We utilize Back Office Outsourcing. All of our personnel have several years of experience performing medical/DME billing, insurance verifications, physician dictations, and scheduling.

Insurance Verifications: Let's face it, this takes quite a bit of time to call the insurance companies only to find out that your phone lines are off-the-hook. Oftentimes, the person verifying the insurance has to call back because they have to answer an important phone call, attend to the physician or other personnel calling them. The person verifying the insurance may have other duties to perform and this is generally one of their lowest priorities. As a result, patients aren't being scheduled in a timely manner which means lost revenues.

Billing Services: We would provide medical billing to your insurance companies and patients. Our standard charge is 5% of what is collected. In addition, we have a Collection Agency called "Collections On Demand" (COD). Unlike most collection agencies that collect 50% of whatever is collected, we only charge 30%. We would provide you, our client, with an aging report, and the amount we've collected.

Transcription Services: Oftentimes we've seen physicians fumble through Dragon or other means of dictation systems wherein they have to "train" the system to their voice and terminologies. We utilize digital systems wherein physicians would talk like they normally do into a central phone system. Within 24 hours their reports are dictated and sent to them on their letterhead.

Scheduling: We are able to perform scheduling of your patients for multiple practices. Our staff will call on your office's behalf and schedule your patients according to your preferences and time-frames.